NEWS : Using Square

NEWS : Using Square
March 1, 2019 Bob Cassinelli


Remember, it’s not just how you feel about using Square, it’s also about how the customer feels. In some cities payments on Square in Taxis are banned completely.

Some customers just don’t like using it and even when talked into it they can see at it as one more thing Taxi drivers make them do that they don’t like, and doesn’t happen in a TNC.

Consider that if the customer paid on the Taxi equipment for their last Ten rides and then you ask them to pay with Square some will think you’re trying something fishy, even when you’re not.

SFMTA regulations do allow drivers to ask customers to pay with phone-based payment systems such as Square, however, SFMTA regulations also say the customer gets to choose which they pay with.

If you are having payment equipment problems

Call (415) 593-9256 anytime to run a credit card payment for a customer.

You can also stop by the Radio shop.

Radio Shop Hours
Monday  7:30am to 3pm
Tuesday – Friday  7:30am to 4:30pm
Saturday 7:30am to 3pm
Sunday  Closed

If they are closed you should get a shop tag at the gas pumps and swap the cab out for another cab.

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