NEWS : Driving Opportunity Thursday evening : 1,800 Vouchers

NEWS : Driving Opportunity Thursday evening : 1,800 Vouchers
February 12, 2019 Bob Cassinelli

Map, Sample Voucher and a few more details can be seen below this video

On Thursday, February 14th, IBM has reserved Pier 39 for a big party with 10,000 guests. They have contracted with Yellow (& Luxor & CityWide) to provide transportation from the event for 4,000 guests to 43  hotels on the Peninsula and as far away as the Concord Hilton.

They have received 1,800 Yellow Cab Taxi Vouchers. See the sample below. This may be may more than they use, but there’s no way to know in advance. Have your 2-way radio on and watch the MDT for updates on how many Taxis are needed.

The regular Taxi stand at Pier 39 will be closed for the event. Pick up will be at the temporary pick up area near Pier 41, highlighted in Yellow on the map below. There will be Monitors to get passengers to our cabs and make sure Dispatch stays updated with how many Taxis are needed,

The event has asked for Taxis available from 6 pm to 10 pm however the event doesn’t start until 6. Guests might not start leaving until around 7:30 and pick-ups may go on well into the evening.

You need to know:

  • To get this business we agreed to straight meter rates with no meter & one-half.
  • If straight meter is unacceptable, don’t pick up at Pier 41 Thursday evening. We don’t want guests being asked to exit a cab or a complaint that someone asked for additional fare.
  • The maximum amount allowed on the Voucher is $90 which can include fare, a 15% tip and bridge toll if appropriate.
  • If they improvise and start using us for shorter trips just come back for another one.

The producers of this event manage several large events in SF each year. This is an excellent opportunity to show we can quickly load and move a lot of guests away from an event more efficiently than the TNC’s, shuttles, and busses, all of which will also be transporting guests on Thursday evening.


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