LEARN: Suggestions with Non-Paying Customers

LEARN: Suggestions with Non-Paying Customers
February 27, 2018 Bob Cassinelli

Recently, drivers have been harmed when confronting non-payers.

It’s illegal to take the passenger to
the police station unless they agree.

If after a brief conversation, it becomes evident the customer is unable or unwilling to pay the full fare we suggest:


  1. Ask the customer if they have another form of payment
  2. Ask the customer if they can pay part of the fare
  3. Ask the customer for collateral, but you can’t take it without permission from the passenger.
  4. Report the incident to radio dispatch so it is recorded and the customer can be blocked

Do Not:

  1. Argue with, chase the customer or leave your vehicle unless you are attacked
  2. Try to detain or drive them to the police without permission
  3. Touch or fight with the customer
  4. Take collateral without the consent of the customer

Reminder: If you engage in any of the actions listed under the “Do Not” section, it could result in injury to you, criminal charges against you and/or a lawsuit being filed against you.

SF Transportation Code > Division II > Article 1100 > Section 1108(e)(34)

“In any case of fare dispute between the Driver and passenger(s), the Driver shall call the Police or, with the consent of the passenger, convey the passenger(s) to the nearest police station, where the officer in charge shall immediately decide the case, and if the decision is in favor of the passenger, the Driver shall convey the passenger from the Police Station to his or her original destination without additional charge.”

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