NEWS : SF Paratransit Temporary Card Without Photo

NEWS : SF Paratransit Temporary Card Without Photo
March 19, 2020 Bob Cassinelli

    Date:         March 18, 2020

                            To:              Paratransit Taxi Service Providers

                            From:        Kent Hinton, Director of Operations

                            Subject:   SF Paratransit Temporary Taxi Debit Card

SF Paratransit is posting updates regarding all SF Paratransit services including taxi and SF Access on the official website,  We recommend that all drivers, employees, managers and taxi company principals check our website often for the latest information.

This service bulletin is to call to your attention a change we are introducing immediately due to the public health emergency and the directives being issued by the Mayor. Because paratransit remains an essential service for most of our passengers, we must continue to provide key services for our riders including the issuance of the SF Paratransit taxi debit card.  Currently in some instances, we may be unable to obtain a photograph of certain passengers because of the shelter-in—place directive issued by the Mayor and in observance of CDC/DPH guidelines for minimizing unnecessary travel and maintaining social distancing.  To be able to fulfill the immediate need for a paratransit taxi ID/debit card, we will be issuing TEMPORARY cards WITHOUT a photo of the passenger.  Below is a sample of the appearance of this card.

SF Paratransit Temporary Taxi Debit Card

  • This  temporary ID is valid and can be swiped for fare payment just like all of our SF Paratransit debit cards. Once the order is lifted, the temporary ID will be replaced with a regular picture ID.
  • Please ensure all drivers have an adequate supply of IVR forms in the event an ITE failure occurs.
  • If a rider’s card is “inactive” they can call our finance department (415-351-7051) or taxi monitor Carol Osorio (415-531-1081) who will be able to assist.

As usual, if there is a problem processing a fare payment, riders or drivers can call SFPT taxi monitor Carol Osorio at 415-531-1081.  They can also call SFPT customer service at 415-351-7052.

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